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Luminescent FAQ

Part I about the glow in the dark powder

What is glow in the dark pigment?

It can absorb surrounding light and in daytime and give out light in the dark.


2.What lights for glow in the dark pigment to absorb?

Sunlight, lamp light, all visible light


3.Which kind of medium does pigment can mix with?

 colorless,transparent medium, such as ink, paint, rubber glass, ceramics and so on.For water base liquids, water resistant  pigments are applicable.


4.Is your Photoluminescent pigment green, safe?

Yes. Our  pigment are non-radioactive, toxic-free, and harmless

5.How bright and long does photoluminescent pigment actually glow

The brightness depends upon one's perception. Regarding glow time, the powder will glow for over 12 hours, but it also depend on a number of factors. Under laboratory conditions, it can glow 21 days.  But we often use DIN67510 Part I as a measure of product brightness.


6.What is the life span?

More than 20 years