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Luminescent master batch for Mold injection molding

Luminescent plastics master batch

Luminescent plastics master batch is a kind of plastics pellet that has the characteristics of  self-glowing. By injection, extrusion and blowing molding, you can use photoluminescent plastic pellets directly to make luminous plastic products.

Our photoluminescent plastic pellets are particularly for certain resins such as PP, PE , ABS, PC,PVC  etc. Our standard percentage of the photoluminescent pigment in the photoluminescent plastic pellets is from 20% to 50%. The brightness and afterglow time of your finished products could be adjusted by yourself by adding more resins into the compounds.

1. Strong spontaneous illuminating capabilities: absorb light in bright places and emit light in dark places.
2. Heat to melt and cool to solidify. No chemical reactions in heating.
3. The same heating temperature with that for plastic resin.
4. Strong abilities in reducing dust pollution, enhancing products functionality.

Why do you choose this products:
Many customer like to use photoluminescent pigment directly Some of them found that there is blacken phenomenon. If you have fewer knowledge of photoluminescent pigment, this blacken phenomenon is hard to solve. And finally, the appearance of the finished plastic products looks not very good. The photoluminescent plastic pellets and master batch could help you overcome this difficulty. The photoluminescent pigment is in powder form. If you use photoluminescent pigment directly, the dust of the powder will do harm the environment and the heath of your staffs. The photoluminescent plastic pellets and master batch are in granule form, no one can be hurt now!