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Photoluminescent pigment

photoluminescent powder for water based glow in the dark paint

Item No.: glow paint
Photoluminescent pigment
waterproof process for what based paint,
stable water resistance
suitable particle size for good dispersity in paint
simple process for making paint
Non-toxic and harmless
Yellow-green, blue-green, sky-blue etc. avaiable
Photoluminescent pigment for glow in the dark paint

This waterproof based glow in the dark powder is arraged for water based paint use, they have suitable particle size for paint making and best water-resistant , the have features as following:

Waterproof process for what based paint,
Stable water resistance 
Suitable particle size for good dispersity in paint
Simple process for making paint
Non-toxic and harmless
Yellow-green, blue-green, sky-blue etc. avaiable
Aluminate rare earth luminescent powder


Our long-after glow photo-luminescent pigment is strontium aluminate based luminous powder can Emits light by absorption of various visible lights and can be repeatedly used. The products do not contain any radiating elements and can be evenly spread as an additive among the transparent agents such as coating, ink, paint, plastics, cereal, glass, fiber to activate the emitting functions of the agents.
The pigment of the type takes on its natural color in bright places and emits different colors of lights in darkness. It can be used for emergent lighting, indication marks and embellishment.

Chemical form: SrMgAl4O8:Eu2+Dy3+
1. The photo-luminescent pigment has features of high light and duration.(For example: DIN67510 can glow for 10000 minutes).
2. It can endure light without aging and with chemical stability(it can be used for more than ten years)
3. It is non-toxic and irradiation free; and it is non-inflammable and non-explosive. So it is a new type of luminous material with environmental protection.
4. The photo-luminescent pigment is easy to use and can be used widely.
5. Plenty of glowing color: yellow-green, blue-green, sky-blue, violet, and also pure yellow, red and white etc.
6. Compared with traditional photo-luminescent pigment, by using the chart(table), we can see that the luminosity of our company's photo-luminescent pigment made from rare earth is much greater than sulfide luminescent powder.

Specifications for Photoluminescent Pigment
Glow color Product series                    Specs
Luminancemcd/m2 Afterglow time Min Particle size (in um  D50) Maximum particle diameter
1 Min 10 Min 60 Min Dmax (um)<

RBG-20’ RBG-201 2500 400 62 7500 75~85 120
RBG-202 1900 290 45 5500 35~45 80
RBG-203 1500 240 26 4500 10~20 40
RBG-40’ RBG-401 2800 430 80 8000 75~85 120
RBG-402 2300 350 60 6500 35~45 80
RBG-403 1800 280 38 5000 10~20 40


4000 620 110 12000 75~85 120
RBG-602 3500 550 85 10000 35~45 80
RBG-603 1900 290 45 5500 10~20 40

RBB-30’ RBB-301 1700 420 75 10000 75~85 120
RBB-302 1300 260 55 7000 35~45 80
RBB-303 850 190 35 5000 10~20 40

RBT-201 800 100 20 18520 75~85 120
RBT-202 700 80 10 12000 35~45 80
RBT-203 550 60 5 8000 10~20 40

1. The above technical data was obtained through test in accordance with DIN67510 Part I method;
2. The after-glow time refers the time it takes for the luminance to reduce to 0.32mcd/m2 from the time
3. For accurate assessment of the color of luminescence, please refer to samples.